Shalimar Restaurant Shalimar Restaurant
Mohammed Ali Road, Shalimar Corner Bhendi Bazaar,Mumbai, Maharashtra,India 400003
02223456630 Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00am - 2:00am Categories: Mughlai, Chinese, Seafood, North Indian, Price Range: ?700 for two people (approx.)
Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges, if any
Takes Reservations: Yes
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Best Muslim Restaurant in Mumbai

best mughlai restaurant in mumbai

More than 70 % of our diners are Muslims, this is truly amazing for us and we feel blessed to have it. The sole reason for this is that as we have been passionate about serving cuisines that our Muslim community has always liked and enjoyed eating. Also, we are serving delicious Muslim-oriented dishes like Mughlai, chicken, kababs, falooda etc. for the last 5 decades. After starting out at a prominent Muslim dominated place like bhindi bazaar in Mumbai, Shalimar restaurant has been a stopover for all Muslims who happen to visit Mumbai.

Of course, there are other restaurants as well but coming to Shalimar is worth a visit. As Muslims has to face a lot of problems in finding Muslim restaurant like they really don’t have the time to introspect if the restaurant is serving halal food. we make this easy for them as we use only halal meat from goats, poultry that is raised in halal farms and is made to undergo halal checks. Utmost care is taken on all the halal meat in terms of quality, freshness, and slaughtering of animals. These animals are also fed healthy foods. In the end, the delivery is also done with the highest level of hygiene.

The advantages of eating at the best Muslim restaurant in Mumbai

Halal meat is good and always better

There haven’t been any health concerns or problems faced by people who consume halal food. Halal meat always has benefits and it is not unhealthy at all. Maintaining impeccable standards has been our important aspect, and in return, it made us one of the finest and best Muslim restaurants in Mumbai.

Best Muslim dishes

eating Muslim dishes like chicken biryani, kababs, kheema pao, butter chicken etc. is always on our minds. Because they are delicious and are always yummy to taste.

Very popular during the holy month of Ramzan

The holy month of Ramzan is very important for Muslims and it becomes a challenging task for us to make the best meals. And we make exotic, delicious Ramzan meals to quench your thirst and hunger.

Health and safety

we all remember the famous quote “health is wealth” and being healthy is a priceless gift one can have in their lifetime. We adhere to strict health and safety guidelines for keeping our restaurant environment, staff clean and heal

Ethical values

as food has no religion and serving a great meal is our main goal. Now for the purpose of serving people the best meal we practice the best ethics. Our ethical values have made us experts in making the best cuisines that are incredibly tasty and healthy.

Richness in food

As Muslim dishes are quite popular in the world because of its richness and aromatic flavors. And that makes a Muslim restaurant always loved. Hence you shouldn’t miss any chance in dining in any Muslim restaurants that takes care of serving clean and delicious meals

Muslims can indulge in a fine dining experience…dining becomes a memorable experience once your hunger is satisfied. The warm and comfortable ambience with professional staff will always give you a reason to come over again at this best Muslim restaurant in Mumbai!