Shalimar Restaurant Shalimar Restaurant
Mohammed Ali Road, Shalimar Corner Bhendi Bazaar,Mumbai, Maharashtra,India 400003
02223456630 Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00am - 2:00am Categories: Mughlai, Chinese, Seafood, North Indian, Price Range: ?700 for two people (approx.)
Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges, if any
Takes Reservations: Yes
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Best Halal Restaurant in Mumbai

best halal restaurant in mumbai

The best halal restaurant in Mumbai is Shalimar because we make use of those animals that are raised in a caring and halal livestock environment. We use meat from vendors that are certified halal to ensure there is complete transparency in the process. No one can deny the fact that halal food is healthy and good to consume for everyone. Making every non-veg dish halal is basically what we adhere to because of its significant benefits. Food that is halal in chicken and meat is only permissible to eat for our Muslim brothers and sisters, we strictly follow it.

In every corner of this city, you will find a halal restaurant because halal food is very popular, and a lot of people usually prefer it. However, Shalimar restaurant has a different set of standards in providing the best halal meat. There is a dedicated professional staff of chefs that check every bit of detail in the halal meat. Like halal procedure, sanitization, quality, and freshness.

Why is Shalimar regarded as the best halal restaurant in Mumbai?

Firstly, Shalimar restaurant has been serving halal cuisines for 5 decades. And we believe that serving halal food is healthy. Now as health is very important than making your food halal in chicken or meat becomes our priority. When compared to non-halal meat, halal meat is always good because after slaughtering all of the blood is drained out from the animal. This makes the entire meat clean and free from all the toxins since blood contains all the harmful toxins. Well, you can now imagine how clean and nutritious the meat becomes for the purpose of eating. There might be other best halal restaurants in Mumbai but to be the best you have to do your best, and our vision has always been in doing the best.

The most common delicious halal cuisines at our restaurant are kebabs, Arabic specialities, Mughlai, chicken and Biryani.

Shalimar offers six types Shalimar Halal Foods :

Choice of kababs
best halal restaurant in mumbai

There are over 25 kabab items like Chicken tikka, reshmi kabab, pahadi kabab, zaffrani kabab, mutton Shami kabab, Mutton seekh kabab, chicken tandoori leg, murg Kohinoor etc.

Arabic specialities
best halal restaurant in mumbai

We serve delicious arab dishes like mutton raan tandoori, mutton kepsa, chicken kepsa, chicken tikka masala etc.

Mughlai Gravy
best halal restaurant in mumbai

Our Mughlai gravy is served in both Mutton and chicken-like dal ghost, Mutton kormas, mutton Shalimar do-pyasa, Kadai ghost, mutton Nalli nihari, chicken afghani, butter chicken, chicken Kabuli, chicken lucknowi, chicken Patiala etc

Mumbai has always been one of the most sought-after places for foodies. But the hustle and bustle of city life make us so busy that we tend to ignore our health and foods, and whatever gets available to us we eat just to suffice our hunger. It becomes a habit that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Most of us like having street foods or taking lunch/dinner at places that don’t even care about providing good halal meat, as they are just there on these streets to make money and that is their only concern. But Shalimar has goodness in all types of food because providing halal and the best cuisines is what we always look forward to in serving our customers.

Due to this, we have won many awards, awards such as best multi-cuisine award, best Indian food award, best restaurant award in best-performing restaurants in Mumbai also India lifestyle award in the category of best restaurant etc. and accolades from prominent personalities like Bollywood stars, cricketers, and more…this has been a joyful and memorable journey for us in serving exemplary, delicious halal food over the years, and we continue to do that forever!

Last but not the least if you have found this reading exciting and useful, then visit the best halal restaurant in Mumbai, and that’s Shalimar restaurant so that you don’t have to feel frustrated or waste time in finding one.